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Hi I'm Elisa

I am hoping to start a family through private adoption

Welcome! I am loving, successful, quirky and wish to share all of my life blessings with a special child.  I am ready to provide a safe, affectionate and support home. Thank you so much for visiting my site and being opening to learning more about me. xoxo


Elisa Wishes to Adopt

My Story


Growing up with my parents & younger brother in a small town on eastern Long Island was a blessing. My childhood was spent singing to strangers at the grocery store, playing on homemade obstacle courses outside & working at my family's restaurant. My biggest complaint I had as a kid was that my mom only let us eat candy on Sunday. But I have good teeth so I guess it was worth it! Our family home was a place for everyone. My brother & I always had friends at the dinner table, sleepovers on weekends & crazy fun activities my mom planned! People came to our holiday celebrations just to take part in the traditions we have created! Today I own a home in a waterfront town on Long Island NY & own restaurants- I followed in my parents' footsteps!

As a child I envisioned having the same type of family when I grew up... but every life is different & mine took a few turns that lead me to where I am today- a single & successful woman who is dreaming of starting her family through adoption. Families don't need to be identical to be great- unconditional love, support & dedication matters most. I will be grateful & blessed to share all I have with a child. My family & friends are also waiting with open arms.

  Thank you for taking time visiting my page. If you are considering an adoption plan for your baby, reach out to me any time. I can provide answers to questions about myself that are important to you. Below there is more information about me & photos. I also post on Instagram @elisawishes2adopt & Check them out! I share my thoughts & more about my day-to-day. xoxo Elisa

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Family & friends mean the world to me. Whether it is a family trip, special holiday or a simple dinner at home- there is nothing I cherish more than spending time together! We laugh...and laugh...and get the point! The support they provide gets me through life's challenges. Their love adds to every celebration!


I grew up singing. It is still one of my passions today. Musical theater, regional choirs & just sitting by the piano-singing to myself! I enjoy reading, coloring & board games (my favorite is boggle)! I stay active doing yoga, dance classes, walking & cleaning my house! Appreciating little moments every day turns simple activities in to reasons to be grateful. This is important when I am stuck in Long Island traffic!!!

My Home

My home is in a small waterfront town on Long Island.  We have a private community beach, hiking trails, tons of parks & Main St parades. Evenings here are full of games, puzzles, walks around the neighborhood & playing with my cats. My home & yard are full of space to grow a family. My block has a lot of families who spend time outside together. I envision my future family having a balanced simple life with adventures sprinkled in. My career allows me to make my own work schedule so I look forward to being very involved in school activities & having plenty of time with my family!

Get in Touch with Me

Call or text anytime: 516-234-6960
Contact my attorney Faith Getz Rousso: (516) 500-9292

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